Waunakee Area Education Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation Policy Statement

The Wauankee Area Educational Foundation is a non-profit corporation whose primary Mission is to "...raise funds, make grants and engage in project and programs for the benefit of the schools and students of the Waunakee Community School District."  In simple terms, the Foundation serves as a bridge between our schools and the community.

Incorporated in 1988, the Foundation is supported by generous gifts from individuals, groups, or businesses.  Grants from the Foundation are limited primarily to funding the needs of the schools, students and teachers to implement proposals that show promise of enriching the educational opportunities throughout the district.  Grant proposals are considered for all levels of study from pre-school to adult "community education".  

The Foundation has a special interest in creative pilot projects, model programs and experimental efforts which ultimately can be perpetuated through other funding sources and which actively involve students, teachers, administrators, and, as appropriate, parent-teacher organizations.  Selective support may be provided to meritorious extra-curricular projects if funding from other sources is unavailable.

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Recent Grant Recipients

Spring 2016

$11,200 - Vernier Digital Probe System and Software

$1,500 - Little Bits STEM PD Program

$7,500 - Visual Art Project, New Intermediate School

Spring 2015

$1,200 - Sphero's Class Set, Robotics

$4,200 - Physical Education Heart Zone Monitors

Spring 2014

$6,000 - Summer Reading Program

$1,500 - Jane Tweed Honor Musical Contributions

WAEF Grants History to WCSD

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Last Updated: 7/18/16
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