ELL Resources for Parents
Si usted necesita comunicarse con una persona que habla español, pónganse en contactó con Briana Boodry, la comunicadora entre las escuelas y familias. Llámale a 849-2463 o envíale un email a bboodry@waunakee.k12.wi.us. Gracias.

 Summer School Info for English Language Learners

Information regarding the Waunakee Community School District Summer School Program can be found at: http://www.waunakee.k12.wi.us/middle/summer_school_main.cfm.


If you have any question regarding specific recommendations for your child, see your child's ELL or classroom teacher.


Community Information

Village of Waunakee Website


Helping Your Student Succeed

Helping your child become a reader/Cómo ayudar a su hijo a aficionarse a la lectura
Cómo ayudar a su hijo a ser un buen lector
Department of Public Instruction Information Links for Parents
Helping your child be a responsible citizen/Cómo ayudar a su hijo a ser un ciudadano responsable
Helping your child with homework/Cómo ayudar a su hijo con la tarea escolar
Family Reading Guide Hmong/English Version
Family Reading Guide Spanish/English Version



Legal References:


Civil Rights Compliance Program - from DPI Website


Collection and Reporting of ELL English Proficiency Data - from DPI Website


ELL Data Collection and Reporting - from DPI Website


Legal Resources Regarding Policies for Educating English Language Learners




Testing Information

About the ACCESS Test

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