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Pathways is the name for advanced learner (gifted and talented) services in the Waunakee School District. In a district of about 3500 students, Waunakee has 3.5 full time educators working in Pathways: 1) 1.5 K-4 Specialists, 2) 5-8 Specialist and 3) K-12 Coordinator (50%)/9-12 Specialist (50%). We enjoy strong administrative support for flexible programming to meet the needs of students.  Program alternatives will vary in kind, degree and duration for different students. 

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The Waunakee Community School District recognizes that, while all students have gifts and talents, some possess them to an extraordinary degree in one or more of the following areas:

  • General Intellectual Ability
  • Specific Subjects or Disciplines
  • Visual, Musical, and Performing Arts
  • Leadership and Creativity

The goal of the district is to meet students’ identified educational needs through differentiated instruction within existing classrooms and through acceleration within the departmental structure. Pathways Specialists work with teachers and parents to identify students’ learning needs and make decisions about how to best meet those needs with the resources available to us. In analyzing learning needs we look very closely at how well the curriculum is a match for what the students need to learn.

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Last Updated: 11/17/16
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