Employee Forms
  1. Direct Deposit Authorization Form 
    The Waunakee Community School District issues electronic payment for all payrolls. No paper checks are issued. Please attach a blank voided check if you are depositing your funds into a checking account. If you are selecting a savings account no deposit slip is required, however, remember to include your bank routing number and bank account number. We need your bank address and phone number on the form.
  2. Employment Eligibility Verification:  Instructions click here        Form - I-9 click here
    This form requires the district to obtain proof of your eligbility to work in the United States. Complete Section 1 only. The district will complete Section 2. Page 3 is the list of acceptable documents (all documents must be Unexpired). Please bring original documents (No Photocopies).
  3. Federal Withholding Form - W4
    Bring your signed Social Security card with you so that we can verify your name and Social Security number.
  4. State Withholding and New Hire Reporting Form - WT-4
    Complete this from as we use it for the State of WI New Hire Reporting requirement. It is important to include your date of hire on this form.

(To access a form, click on the title of the form listed above)


Anyone under the age of 18 must have a completed work permit. Work permits are available in the High School office. Take the following information to the High School office to obtain your permit:

  • A letter of employment from the hiring manager or administrator
  • A letter from and signed by the parent/guardian giving you authorization to work for the Waunakee Community School District
  • Signed Social Security card
  • Fees for the work permit are waived if working for the school district

Payroll Information

How to Access Payroll Information - click here

Time Cards - How do I get paid using a time card? click here



Last Updated: 2/17/17
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