School Closing Information

When Waunakee schools are closed for the day, it also means that all activities scheduled in school buildings for that day are canceled. This includes all WCSD programs and all after school programs.  If there is a two-hour late start, AM 4K classes will be canceled, but PM 4K classes will be held at the regularly scheduled time.

School Closing Procedures
School Closing Policy
National Weather Service Weather Safety Page
Windchill Information
CDC Cold Weather Safety
Wisconsin Emergency Management

Media Sources for Information

In the event of a closing, delay, or early dismissal due to weather or emergency, information will be announced on the following radio and television stations.

WISC (TV CH 3)  Channel 3 weather page

WMTV (TV CH 15)  Channel 15 weather page

WKOW (TV CH 27) Channel 27 weather page

WTSO (1070 AM)

WIBU (1240 AM)

WIBA (1310 AM)

WTDY (1670 AM)

WJJO (94.1 FM)

WOLX (94.9 FM)

WMGN (98 FM)

WZEE (104 FM)

WMMM (105.5 FM)

Q106 (106 FM)

Last Updated: 10/11/16
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