Waunakee Community Middle School

 Long-Term Announcements:


Please note that the middle school does not have in-person registration as all materials were requested via mail and online payment is requested for fees.  Student photos will be taken in October.  

Please visit the registration link on our webpage or call the middle school main office with questions at 608-849-2060. 


Self-Guided Tours Aug. 20-22, 12-3pm

Students who wish to see where their scheduled classes are located in the middle school are welcome to take a self-guided tour of the MS from 12:00 - 3:00 PM, August 20 - August 22.  Please call the main office at (608) 849-2060 with questions. 


Modified Schedule - First Two Days of School

The middle school will have a modified clock schedule for the first two days of school, September 2nd and 3rd.  This schedule will be posted on the middle school website after August 25th.  

We will begin using the regular school schedule on the third day of school. 


Back to School

The start of another exciting school year is just around the corner! Here are some vital back-to-school resources from our website to help you get ready:

We're looking forward to seeing you on September 2nd!


Audiobook & Ebook Service Update

This summer, the apps used for downloading ebooks (Follett Enlight) and audiobooks (Catalist Digital) merged into one combined app to take care of both functions. The new app is called Follett Brytewave.  If you had the Follett Enlight app installed previously, an app update may appear on your device automatically; otherwise you can install the app for free from your app store. 

With the new app, you will log in to your Destiny account and manage your ebook and audiobook downloads that way.  After installing the app, just fill in URL wbb15427.follettshelf.com and your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password. Here is an instruction sheet with some details.

The current version of the app allows for ebook downloads, but audiobook listening doesn't yet have download capability. This means you need to be in a wifi area or use your data plan to stream the audiobook.  An updated version of the app should be coming shortly to address this issue. 

The mobile app is not the only way to read or listen to these books. On any web browser, visit http://wbb15427.follettshelf.com/ and enter your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password to check out and read/listen to these books. 

Popular Destinations

Are You a Parent? Some of our most-frequently used parent resources include: Infinite CampusContact InformationAttendance ProceduresDaily AnnouncementsHomework information, the Middle School Calendar, the Family Handbook, the Core Academic Team pages, and Lunch Information.

Are You a Student? You may want to visit your Team's PageEducational Resources/ Internet Bookmarks, the LMTC (School Library), your Google Apps account, WebNet (Remote Access to H Drive), and Co-Curricular Activities, Sports and Clubs.

Are You New to Our School? Please read our Welcome & Overview.

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