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 Long-Term Announcements:

Girls Basketball - Meeting

7th and 8th grade girls interested in playing basketball this season, please attend the meeting on January 5th at 3:30-4:00 in the cafe.


Audiobook & Ebook Service

This summer, the apps used for downloading ebooks (Follett Enlight) and audiobooks (Catalist Digital) merged into one combined app to take care of both functions. The new app is called Follett Brytewave K-12 Edition.  If you had the Follett Enlight app installed previously, an app update may appear on your device automatically; otherwise you can install the app for free from your app store. 

With the new app, you will log in to your Destiny account and manage your ebook and audiobook downloads that way.  After installing the app, just fill in URL wbb15427.follettshelf.com and your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password. Here is an instruction sheet with some details.

December 2014 UPDATE: The newest version of the app (version 1.9.1 or later) allows for both ebook and audiobook downloads. This allows you to save the book within the app and read it or play it later when you are not online. Be sure to update the app to the newest version to use this function.

The mobile app is not the only way to read or listen to these books. On any web browser, visit http://wbb15427.follettshelf.com/ and enter your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password to check out and read/listen to these books. 


Write for the Trib!

The Waunakee Tribune has offered adolescent writers here at Waunakee Community Middle School the opportunity to be published in the newspaper or on the paper's website.  Read more about this opportunity on the Waunakee Tribune Writers page.

Update: An article by Tia Debnath and creative pieces by Rebekah Wolfe, Anne Dotzler and Marilla Smith were published in December. Read the articles here.


Indoors in the Morning

Students: Now that cold weather has arrived, you need to gather and wait in the Cafe in the morning before school.  As always, you should not be in the halls or classrooms before school unless you have made arrangements to work with a teacher or have a pass for the LMTC.

When warmer weather returns in the spring, you will resume the practice of waiting outside in the morning before school. Thank you!


Be a Good Digital Citizen

Technology connects us to friends and family, information and media. But it can also be used in inappropriate and harmful ways. It's important to be a good Digital Citizen to keep yourself safe and use these tools in an effective and responsible manner. Here are the five themes of Digital Citizenship:

  • Balanced students use screen time wisely and do not let the cyber world take over the real world. 
  • Literate students look at digital resources critically considering the bias, authority and currency of sources. Be picky about which sources you use, and learn to use specialized information tools provided by the LMTC.
  • Responsible students know how to protect themselves online and use borrowed equipment appropriately. Avoid sharing personal information and think before sending messages. When you use school devices, don't use them to create problems for others.  
  • Ethical students give credit where credit is due. Take notes from information sources without plagiarizing, and avoid violating laws about copyright.
  • Positive students use technology to learn, communicate and create. Do not use it to the detriment of others by spreading rumors, harassing or teasing classmates, taking pictures of people when they are not aware of it, or sending inappropriate messages.
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Last Updated: 12/19/14
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