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 Long-Term Announcements:

Monday - Modified Schedule for Advisory Day

On Monday we will be using the Advisory Day schedule


Join us for Open House

Please join us for Open House on September 23 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing families, so students are encouraged to attend with family members.  There will be a brief assembly in the cafeteria at 6:00 pm with Mrs. Peters-Felice and Mr. Zibell and then families will have the opportunity to peruse the building to meet and greet teachers.


Photo Days in Early October

Photo day will be Thursday, October 2 for homeroom groups and Monday, October 6 for individual student/staff photos.  More information will be coming - stay tuned!


Audiobook & Ebook Service

This summer, the apps used for downloading ebooks (Follett Enlight) and audiobooks (Catalist Digital) merged into one combined app to take care of both functions. The new app is called Follett Brytewave K-12 Edition.  If you had the Follett Enlight app installed previously, an app update may appear on your device automatically; otherwise you can install the app for free from your app store. 

With the new app, you will log in to your Destiny account and manage your ebook and audiobook downloads that way.  After installing the app, just fill in URL wbb15427.follettshelf.com and your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password. Here is an instruction sheet with some details.

The current version of the app allows for ebook downloads, but audiobook listening doesn't yet have download capability. This means you need to be in a wifi area or use your data plan to stream the audiobook.  An updated version of the app should be coming shortly to address this issue. 

The mobile app is not the only way to read or listen to these books. On any web browser, visit http://wbb15427.follettshelf.com/ and enter your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password to check out and read/listen to these books. 


Student Expectations at Home Football Games

Students & parents - please review our expectations for Middle School students at home football games.


Outdoors in the Morning

A reminder that students should wait outside on the blacktop behind the middle school in the mornings before school.  Please do not cut through the building to get to the back; instead, please go around the building.  You should only be in the building before 8:07 if you have a pass or have made other arrangements ahead of time.

If it is rainy when you arrive at school, students will be invited to wait in the cafe as we do during the winter monhts.

Thank you!


Sign In To Chrome

Get in the Habit - Sign in to Chrome: When you sit down at one of our PCs or Windows laptops and launch Chrome web browser, get in the habit of "signing in to Chrome."

  • Use the menu button in the upper right, then pick Sign In To Chrome.  
  • Enter your Google account information.
  • If asked questions about linking your data or allowing extensions to add, choose "Yes" or "OK."

Signing in to Chrome allows your bookmarks, apps, extensions, and other settings to follow you around to different computers, and it installs some tools such as an ad blocker automatically.  

Chromebook Tip: you don't need to Sign In To Chrome on a Chromebook because when you log into a Chromebook, you are signing in to Chrome (and Google Drive) all in one step.


Online Safety Information

Parents and students: please check out these helpful tips from Connect Safely on how to be safe online and how to respond if you are being harassed or bullied online.  Here's a sampling of the information you may find helpful:

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Are You New to Our School? Please read our Welcome & Overview.

Referendum 2014

Following a three year process, and input from community and staff, the Waunakee School Board has finalized a flexible long-range Facilities Master Plan to address student enrollment growth. In August, the Board unanimously approved the required ballot resolutions necessary to advance two questions for a November 2014 Referendum.  Click here to view the latest information regarding the proposed referendum including a Fact Sheet, Site Layouts, frequently asked questions, and more.

Last Updated: 9/20/14
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