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 Long-Term Announcements:

Join us for Open House

Please join us for Open House on August 30 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing families, so students are encouraged to attend with family members.  There will be a brief assembly in the cafeteria at 5:00 pm with Mrs. Peters-Felice and Mr. Zibell and then families will have the opportunity to peruse the building to meet and greet teachers.


Parent Meeting: 7th Grade Transition - Aug 23

Parent Meeting: 7th Grade Transition

Who: Parents of incoming 7th grade students (this is an informational meeting for parents only)

What: Middle School Transition topics - information presented by...

  • Marcy Peters-Felice, Principal
  • Michael Zibell, Associate Principal
  • Janae Grunow and Ty Jury, School Counselors

When: Tuesday, August 23, 5:30-6:30

Where: Middle School Cafe


Back to School

The start of another exciting school year is just around the corner! Here are some vital back-to-school resources from our website to help you get ready:


Outdoors in the Morning

A reminder that students should wait outside on the blacktop behind the middle school in the mornings before school.  Please do not cut through the building to get to the back; instead, please go around the building.  You should only be in the building before 8:07 if you have a pass or have made other arrangements ahead of time.

If it is rainy when you arrive at school, students will be invited to wait in the cafe as we do during the winter months.

Thank you!


Audiobooks & Ebooks From the LMTC

If you have a device that can download apps, you should be sure to grab the Destiny Discover app for listening to audiobooks and reading ebooks from the WMS LMTC collection.   Note: please be aware that there was a name change for this app in August 2016 (the old name was Brytewave) - in all other ways the video below is accurate. 

To use this app, you select Waunakee Middle School and enter your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password. View the video below for an overview of how it works.

The mobile app is not the only way to read or listen to these books. On any web browser, visit http://wbb15427.follettshelf.com/ and enter your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password to check out and read/listen to these books. 


Be a Good Digital Citizen

Technology connects us to friends and family, information and media. But it can also be used in inappropriate and harmful ways. It's important to be a good Digital Citizen to keep yourself safe and use these tools in an effective and responsible manner. Here are the five themes of Digital Citizenship:

  • Balanced students use screen time wisely and do not let the cyber world take over the real world. 
  • Literate students look at digital resources critically considering the bias, authority and currency of sources. Be picky about which sources you use, and learn to use specialized information tools provided by the LMTC.
  • Responsible students know how to protect themselves online and use borrowed equipment appropriately. Avoid sharing personal information and think before sending messages. When you use school devices, don't use them to create problems for others.  
  • Ethical students give credit where credit is due. Take notes from information sources without plagiarizing, and avoid violating laws about copyright.
  • Positive students use technology to learn, communicate and create. Do not use it to the detriment of others by spreading rumors, harassing or teasing classmates, taking pictures of people when they are not aware of it, or sending inappropriate messages.

Resources from the LMTC

Did you know that a search engine like Google only searches part of the internet?  There are many high quality resources that Google does not search.  Be sure to get in the habit of checking our school's subscribed information and research tools, such as Encyclopedia BritannicaBrainPOP, Safari Montage, and the Magazine Search database.  You can find links to these resources and more on the LMTC Tools for Research page.

Please note: many of these resources will work only in our school buildings.

Popular Destinations

Are You a Parent? Some of our most-frequently used parent resources include: Infinite CampusContact InformationAttendance ProceduresDaily AnnouncementsHomework information, the Middle School Calendar, the Family Handbook, the Core Academic Team pages, and Lunch Information.

Are You a Student? You may want to visit your Team's PageEducational Resources/ Internet Bookmarks, the LMTC (School Library), your Google Apps account, and Co-Curricular Activities, Sports and Clubs.

Are You New to Our School? Please read our Welcome & Overview.

Last Updated: 8/13/16
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