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 Long-Term Announcements:

Published in the Trib!

The Waunakee Tribune has offered adolescent writers here at Waunakee Community Middle School the opportunity to be published in the newspaper or on the paper's website.  Read more about this opportunity on the Waunakee Tribune Writers page.

Update: Articles by Peyton Meyer, Alyssa Beery, Anne Dotzler, and Kendra Gering and creative pieces by Anne Dotzler, Rebecca Swenson, and Peyton Meyer were published in April. Read the articles here.


Badger Exam: Schedule & Resources

Please visit our Badger Exam resource page for this year's testing schedule, links to practice tests, and other materials. 


Summer School Registration Info

Summer School Registration Information:

  • Summer School runs June 22 - July 30
  • Online registration opens April 1 at 6:00p.m.- ends April 30 at midnight.
  • Check out the website for course catalog, registration information and regular updates.
  • If you have any summer school questions, please contact Amy Manzetti at 849-2063 or email her at amymanzetti@waunakee.k12.wi.us.

Events for Teens @ Waunakee Public Library

  • See this attached flyer for details about upcoming events for teens at the public library: 
    • #InstaParty on May 1 @ 3:45pm
    • Teen Book Club on May 8 @ 3:45pm

The Library is also seeking teen volunteers:

Waunakee Public Library Teen Volunteer Meeting

Thursday, May 28 @ 4:00pm

Interested in being a Teen Volunteer for the summer? Teens in grades 6+ are welcome to attend this meeting and learn more about this opportunity. As a volunteer you would be working with children, families and other teens and would be responsible for registering people for Summer Reading Program and helping children and teens check-in and claim prizes. Volunteers must be helpful and friendly! Application.


Outdoors in the Morning

A reminder that students should wait outside on the blacktop behind the middle school in the mornings before school.  Please do not cut through the building to get to the back; instead, please go around the building.  You should only be in the building before 8:07 if you have a pass or have made other arrangements ahead of time.

If it is rainy when you arrive at school, students will be invited to wait in the cafe as we do during the winter months.

Thank you!


Audiobooks & Ebooks From the LMTC

If you have a device that can download apps, you should be sure to grab the Follett Brytewave K-12 Edition app for listening to audiobooks and reading ebooks from the WMS LMTC collection.   

To use this app, you fill in URL wbb15427.follettshelf.com and your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password. Here is an instruction sheet with more details. View the video below for an overview of how it works.

The mobile app is not the only way to read or listen to these books. On any web browser, visit http://wbb15427.follettshelf.com/ and enter your Destiny username (student ID number) & network password to check out and read/listen to these books. 

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Last Updated: 4/26/15
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