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Summer Updates: Please be aware that many parts of the Middle School website may be out of date or under construction over the summer. Check the What's New area to the right for newly updated items.

 Long-Term Announcements

Website Update

The district website received a facelift and some reorganization recently. Some material, particularly at the District level, has been moved around.  Please take a look in the menus at the top of this page to see the new organization scheme for those materials. 

We will make every effort to fix issues such as broken links as we find them, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. If you find significant problems with the Middle School website, as always please contact Eric Noah with your concerns. Thank you!


Summer Reading

Keep your mind sharp this summer - read books! 

Visit our Summer Reading resource page for reading suggestions.


Audiobook & Ebook Service Changes This Summer

This summer, the apps used for downloading ebooks (Follett Enlight) and audiobooks (Catalist Digital) will merge into one combined app to take care of both functions. When this happens, the other two apps will stop functioning.

With the new app, you will log in to your Destiny account and manage your ebook and audiobook downloads that way.  

We will post more information about this as we learn more, including the name of the new app and instructions for accessing ebooks and audiobooks on your mobile device.  

Popular Destinations

Are You a Parent? Some of our most-frequently used parent resources include: Infinite CampusContact InformationAttendance ProceduresDaily AnnouncementsHomework information, the Middle School Calendar, the Family Handbook, the Core Academic Team pages, and Lunch Information.

Are You a Student? You may want to visit your Team's PageEducational Resources/ Internet Bookmarks, the LMTC (School Library), your Google Apps account, WebNet (Remote Access to H Drive), and Co-Curricular Activities, Sports and Clubs.

Are You New to Our School? Please read our Welcome & Overview.

Last Updated: 8/1/14
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