iPad Resource Page

This page will contain many resources for staff to use to purchase and use iPads and other iOS devices.  Currently it is under construction.


iPad Purchasing
iPad Purchase Request Form

App Purchasing - High School
iPad App Request Form - High School

Coming Soon - Recommended Accessories

iPad Contacts


Herb Haubrich- Director of Technology

High School 

Stacy Fisher - Library Media Specialist

Jason McConnell, Courtney Lovell, Michelle Knatz, Eric Huttenburg, Catie Anderson, Katie Crane, Jenna Cramer - iPad Group

Middle School

Eric Noah - Library Media Specialist

Intermediate School

Sarah Wendorf - Library Media Specialist

Cindy Lindquist - Computer Resource

Arboretum Elementary School

Kelly Nieft - Library Media Specialist

Heritage Elementary School

Meg Quella - Library Media Specialist

Prairie Elementary School 

Jay Guelker - Library Media Specialist


Last Updated: 7/10/14
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