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Waunakee Community School District offers many amazing opportunities for our students, families, and community members supporting the performing arts.

K-12 Music Department Mission Statement

The Waunakee Community School District Music Department, K-12, believes that music is a core part of a student’s overall education. The music program strives to establish for every student a lasting relationship with music that provides achievement in skill, knowledge, creativity and emotional growth during the school years and throughout life. Students are involved in musical experiences as listeners, performers and creators. 

The learning of music is sequential. The curriculum is based on developing skills in the areas of the elements of music, performing, describing, creating and connecting with other people and cultures. We understand that students have differences in music aptitudes. We recognize that all students have the ability to express themselves through music. To accommodate these individual differences, we emphasize that our teaching and our curriculum reflect a variety of learning modes, adaptations and cognitive processes. 

A comprehensive music program has many components:

  • meaningful music experiences
  • excellence in music literature
  • opportunities to develop creative abilities of each student
  • a variety of music to enhance understanding of other cultures
  • strategies to achieve basic music skills
  • learning opportunities that correlate with other academic areas and other arts
  • performances that demonstrate musical achievement
  • positive attitude toward the art of music
  • encouragement to participate and appreciate music as an adult

All music teachers strive to provide for a comprehensive music program by creating a student centered classroom that emphasizes making music together and connecting thru music to others.

Our Offerings

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Performing Arts Center (PAC)

The Waunakee High School Performing Arts Center (PAC) opened in the fall of 2005. It features seating for 679 and a proscenium opening measuring 52 feet wide and 18 feet tall. There is ample wing space (25') on each side as well as a large shop area to accommodate building sets and easy access for touring groups.  

Click here for rates to rent our facility.

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